Vikings! Gotta love ’em, right?

Well, back in 2017, Kay and I were planning our wedding – and the theme was Vikings!

It was my job to make a couple of Viking shields – and we didn’t want to make somthing out of cardboard that would be turfed afterwards – we wanted something lasting that we could display forever!

To that end, I started off making one for each of us – two, with each decorated with our personal sigils. Mine bore the ankh, and Kay’s bore sigil.

Two extra smaller shields completed the ensamble. A fifth was made as a gift for the priestess who blessed our union, a lady who had been a friend for many years.

The two main shields were made from solid oak planks cut from a hundred year old outhouse toilet door – true story! The two minor shields were made from veneered chipboard roughened with sandpaper to hold paint. The gift shield was entirely made up from pallet wood and decorated with a rendition of Ygdrasil, the World Tree.

The rims were bound with steel strips screwed and nailed down. The hubs covering the center holes over the hand grip were stainless steel kitchen bowls sourced from Crazy Store for about R12 each! I sketched the designs and Kay did the painting, and afterwards, I added a strip of hessian around the rim – the ‘nails’ simulated with drawing pins.

Pictures below! Enjoy!

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