This sort of item really helps to improve the entrance to your home or hallway. I whipped this up one afternoon while on holiday during December 2019. Of course, I hung a mirror under that later, and then built another shelf below that – but this little shelf stands out very well on its own!

It’s built of two planks set at a right angle to each other – the one is the shelf and the other, narrower part is the one that gets mounted to the wall via screws and wall-plugs, or if you prefer, rawl bolts.

I used old roof-plate screws for the pegs because I had some lying around. They’re from the 1950’s I think, and galvanized steel, with nice round convex heads. Of course I coated the entire thing with clear varnish before mounting it.

You can use it to hang anything you like on there, from visitors hats and caps to your coats and scarves!

You can use the shelf itself to display ornaments, candelabra, or in our case, cats! 😉

Pictures below! Enjoy!

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