I needed a tea trolley like this at work for the kitchen area of the classroom I presented IT classes at in 2019 – just to hold incidentals like a kettle, sugar bowl, coffee, tea and some boxes of cookies etc. Work wasn’t going to buy one, and neither was I – so I decided to make one on the cheap. Regardless of why you may feel you need one of these, this is the one I made – and it’s so easy and basic, I’m sure you could as well!

All it took was a few lengths of flat plank and two or three strips of 2×2 cm wood, some screws, and four caster wheels.

The wood I used was hundred-year old scrap recovered from a neighbor who had stripped out the old ceilings of his house and was replacing them with something modern. It was dusty and dry, but well worth the effort to sand off the old paint and grime! Of course the best part was, it was free! Varnish sealed the deal, resulting in an attractive home decor item which is also useful.

Obviously when I leave there one day, it’s coming back home with me!

Pictures below! Enjoy!

This article appeared in the “Weekend Life” section of the Weekend Post on December 05, 2020.

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