This old kitchen cupboard was in the house when we moved in back in 1985. By about 1998 or so, the doors had become really shabby and the catches were crap, so instead of replacing the whole cupboard, we had someone fit new melamine (veneered chipboard) doors and drawer faces, which lasted okay until the mid 2010’s, when those too got so tacky they were impossible to clean. The edging too had begun to peel off, and the edges of the veneer began to fray as well! White really is an awfully stupid color for a kitchen, isn’t it!

Anyway, so in 2019 I had just recently come by some old ceiling and wall boards a neighbor had been replacing in his house – which was well over a hundred years old – and I thought they were perfect for making new doors and drawer faces, and so I set out giving the thing a face-lift!

The frame of the cupboard was actual wood. I sanded the frame so it could be varnished, but the side was a kind of press-board – there was no varnishing that! I decided to cover it with a panel made of the same wood I used for the doors. I made the doors using the measurments of the old ones, and attached them with new spring-loaded hinges instead of the old ones – they were all bent out of shape, the chrome (yuck!) had begun to bubble and peel anyway. The old spring-loaded catches were just awful and had to go – the springloaded hinges would hold the doors closed! No more fiddling about with shitty little old-fashioned catches that NEVER worked! I reused the same metal door handles – they were neat and stylish, and I’d just fitted them in 2014 anyway, so they were still good.

The wood was dry and very dusty, and it took a lot of sanding to clean the old paint off too (who the hell paints wood like that anyway??) and they took four coats of clear varnish to give them a nice finish.

I think the end result speaks for itself, don’t you? It really compliments our rustic wood-themed kitchen!

The old melamine doors and drawer-faces didn’t go to waste either – they were reused in other projects!

Pictures below! Enjoy!

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