So you’ve got a PC or laptop or Raspberry Pi set up to play movies in your home theater – and you’re looking for a cool way to mount and store your hard drives close by. Why not a wall-mounted box? Why not indeed?

There are really many ways to do this, but this is how I did it.

Inside, I made allowance for three mobile SATA drive cases with cabling, plus a shelf above them for a USB hub. A PC case fan provides additional cooling if needed, and the door has a funky improvised hinge system I’m rather proud of!

The case was made of chipboard. The door is kept closed with a magnetic catch. The paint job was done by my other half, Kay, which we modelled after the black and white color scheme of our previous LED projector – and we thought rather nicely mirrored the Star Wars color scheme!

You could take it further of course, and include lights, clear color panels and even LED lit fans. I might still do that later, but for now, this is it. 😉

In some of the photos you will also see a cute bug-like shape standing on top of the finished unit – that’s our “Bug” – the Raspberry Pi in its case. I’ll show you how I made that later in another article!

Pictures below! Enjoy!

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