I made this cool light fitting out of a few bits and pieces that I had lying around!

When you pull on the light fitting itself, it turns on, and when you pull on it again, it turns off!

The light itself is pretty ordinary, it’s just a light fitting – though the one I used was a stainless steel garden light.

The switch itself is a ceiling pull-switch. The power cable on which the light hangs is routed to come out the side of the switch, and loops around to under the center of the switch body, where it meets the nylon pull-cord that operates it. The cord is cut shorter, enough to wrap around or attach to the power cable. It’s important to leave enough slack in the cable to allow for the pulling of the cord, so when you pull the light fitting down, you’re actually pulling the switch cord.

It’s unusual and unique!

Pictures below! Enjoy!

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