The Raspberry Pi is an astonishing device! We use ours every day to play our music playlists, and to watch our series and movies!

We received ours as a wedding gift, in its box with an instruction booklet, and nothing else – and why not? You can used virtually anything else you already have with it! The Pi uses a mobile phone charger for power, and you can connect it to just about any kind of display with an HDMI cable and suitable adapters.

Likewise, you can choose from a multitude of pre-made cases online, or you could even download a template and 3d-print one. Or… like me… you could go the creative route, and make one yourself!

I made this case for our Pi from the plastic case I’d got with a bottle of perfume some years ago! Its shape always reminded me of a kind of ‘bug’, even then! It took THIS to cause inspiration to strike!

I found the case, opened it, and held the Pi’s board to it to gauge for size and fit! And then I set about making it.

Basically all I had to do was cut openings for all the plugs and cables to reach their connectors through the case, and for a way to mount the board inside securely. It also had to allow for the quick removal of the board, since the Pi’s mini-SD hard drive card sometimes needs to be taken out and put back, and this is best done if the process isn’t a fiddly one! To this end, I used a simple solution – a piece of shortened ‘sosatie’ (kebab) stick that fits through a hole on one side, over the board, and into a slot on the other side.

Once that was done, I removed the board and gave the platic case some TLC – paint and clear glitter spray, and a pair of googly eyes – and a neon pipe-cleaner for antenna. I also added a hole at the base to allow for screw-mounting of the case.

Pictures below! Enjoy!

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