Here’s a quick and easy hack for cat people who want to give their kitties a nice high bed from where they can survey their kingdoms!

Most of us have an old grid lying around – a metal shelf from an old fridge or oven, or a barbecue grill that’s too rusty to use – whatever, I think you get the idea!

I used the latter in this case. After a good scrubbing with a wire brush, it was clean enough, and I made two wire hooks on one side and two loops on the other. I ran the wire of the loops through the bottom-end chain links of two lengths of chain first before winding them onto the grid frame. After determining the necessary length, I made hooks for the ends of the chains, and fitted them.

As you can see, the hook-ends attach the platform to your window burglar guards, or gate, and the chain-ends support and keep the platform level. Add a piece of old mat or a towel or pet blanket for your kitty’s creature comforts!

We have two of these around the house that get sun at different times through the day.

Pictures below! Enjoy!

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