For a long time I’ve wanted to build a corner bookshelf to display books and models or collectibles, and so a couple of months ago I decided “now is the time!”

The wood I used was old ceiling boards from an outside building I refurbished a few years back, and once sanded and cleaned, the boards looked brilliant, with a little leftover paint to add to the rustic feel. They looked even better once coated with a lovely tinted sealer!

Since this is a corner shelf, I built it in two separate sections, and designed the whole thing in my head, how it would look, work and fit together, before I even pulled out the measuring tape! It’s vital to ensure that you measure or set measurments so that everything matches up of course, before you even start cutting. The old adage “measure twice, cut once” applies in abundance!

I assembled the two shelves separately, and then mounted them onto the selected wall area using rawl bolts and steel brackets sturdy enough to handle the potential weight of the books and the shelves themselves.

This shelf sets the backdrop to my writing corner/study in the lounge. It displays reference books as well as my favorite novels, a few of my own books, and a truckload of collectibles that form our Star Wars collection! I think it looks really smashing, don’t you?

Pictures below! Enjoy!

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