I have this guitar that was a 7th birthday gift from my mom, so I decided it would be better to display it nicely rather than to let it just gather dust in a box or cupboard, or in a corner somewhere where it would get battered by other objects in storage. Besides, out in plain view, I’m encouraged to play on it a little more often 😉

Not that I play the guitar – the furthest I ever got was to teach myself “Jingle Bells” – but it’s encouraging.

Anyway, I made this little wall hook out of 4 pieces of scrap wood, with the center of this piece being the crook that fits the neck of the guitar. A nice coat of varnish sealed the deal.

It’s a simple enough box-like design that can be adapted to hold other similar instruments as well, in fact I might make adapted versions to display two old violins and their bows as well later.

Secure it to the wall using wall-plugs and screws.

Pictures below! Enjoy!

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