Home theater systems really can make a huge difference to your home – and to your bank balance if you actually buy all the accessories. Items like projector stands and screens are pretty expensive these days. As if forking out a couple grand for a cheapie projector isn’t bad enough!

This is the projector stand I made a few years ago when I came home with a new Sinotec SJ-86C projector (Don’t ever buy one – read my review). It’s wall-mounted and due to the slotted holes in the mounting, you can adjust it for levelness – the last thing you want is a skew picture!

The top deck is angled slightly for overhead mounting, to allow for the projector to display slightly lower than its height on the wall. A shelf underneath was added leaving enough room to fit our PS2 and its two controllers. We also put on some hooks to store a headset for gaming or watching movies on the quiet.

I used offcuts of chipboard (or “melamine” as it’s sometimes called here), and painted it with white acrylic paint to match our harddrive case featured in another article.

Even though we had a bad time with the projector (refer to review again) and no longer use a projector at all, we now use the same shelf as is, to hold our PS2, which we use on our new suspended monitor rig (see article here) sans projector.

Pictures below! Enjoy!

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