We have three kitties, and we’re always thinking up new ways to entertain them (and us), so one day my other half and I were discussing ideas – when we thought it might be nice to build a play-castle for them! It really isn’t difficult – all you need is a few cardboard boxes, a craft knife and scissors, some packaging and masking tape, cable ties, a marker pen, and paint!

This cardboard castle was a combined effort by Wendy and I, and we named it Castle Ming after our first kitty.

Castle Ming. The name strikes fear in the hearts of mortal rodents! Who knows what sinister meows may be heard echoing inside its stately, shadowy halls?

Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it? 🙂

Anyway, Castle Ming currently stands on top of a wardrobe in our bedroom. The cats reach it by means of the catwalks I built in the room (read about them here).

It’s quite simple to make this castle really – just put a few large cardboard boxes together with cable ties and packaging tape. In the case of Castle Ming, the bottom level is one large cardboard box, while the upper level consists of two smaller boxes arranged in an “L” shape. I cut a series of windows and doors in each box, and tied the boxes together with cable ties.

To prevent movement between the boxes, I covered the gaps between the joins with packaging tape (brown or clear broad tape). I made sure there were openings between the boxes on the inside, so a cat could move from the one level to the other from the inside of the structure. I made them arch-shaped to keep to the theme, naturally!

I gave the castle ramparts cut from sheets of flat cardboard and attached them where appropriate.

It took us an evening earlier this year to paint the castle. We used acrylic art paint, and outlined the little bricks around the doors and windows with permanent marker. Plastic packaging tape doesn’t handle paint very well – it smears and takes longer to dry, so I covered all the joins over again with masking tape, and we painted over that.

We added a few nice touches, like the two shields Kay painted and we attached them over two of the doors. We covered the floors of both levels with bits of old carpet and an old towel for them to nap on.

Our kitties love this castle – Lily and Nyx both play and sleep in there at different times! Ash is thoroughly a ground-level cat and hasn’t ventured much higher than table-height yet, but I’m sure when she does eventually, she will as well.

Pictures below – enjoy!

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