This one is probably the easiest and simplest of all projects I’ve made – but yet it makes such a lovely difference to my bathing experience!

If you’re like me and you enjoy having a little chill-time in the tub, browsing Facebook on your phone and sipping a drink – while not having anywhere near enough to put it all down, then this one’s for you!

It’s a little bath-side table made from just three bits of off-cut wood. The two side pieces are positioned just wide enough to fit over the side of the bath. I made the top of mine big enough to hold a glass or a mug, and your phone (if you’re brave enough) or if you prefer, to place bathing aids like the shampoo bottle, nail clipper etc. within easy reach while you’re in the tub!

Because of its simple design, this little bath-table will also easily slide along the side of the bath to where you want it.

A word of advice – steam and water will definitely get to it. Water isn’t very good for wood, so I wouldn’t recommend using chipboard for this project at all – it would swell and soften and fall apart, a bit like a rusk dunked in coffee! With that rather interesting image in mind, rather use a few bits of off-cut pine for example – that will last much longer. Apply a liberal amount of varnish to help preserve the wood. You could even paint motifs on it first to show off your creative streak!

Pictures below – enjoy!

Happy soaking!

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