Bathrooms are often awkward spaces in the home – they’re either too big or too small, or too full or too empty! Are there enough shelves, cupboards or racks to store everything you need in your bathroom? Want to see a quick and easy suggestion?

In our case, the bathroom is a bit on the small side – just big enough to hold a bath, washbasin, toilet and washing machine with enough space to move between them! This didn’t leave much room for shelving and storage spaces – so I had to be creative!

Fortunately our house, being one of those lovely old Richmond Hill homes with high ceilings, there was enough space above head-level to work with!

I could’ve made some box shelves – you know the type, different sized square wooden boxes mounted on the wall in staggered layouts – of the type you can buy off the shelf (pun intended) at hardware store chains nowadays for something like R500 each – but as always, I decided to do something different!

I had this old coffee table handy – and, well, perhaps ‘handy’ isn’t the right word – it was taking up space! It was my dad’s originally, and it came to us after his death, and thus it had sentimental value and I didn’t want to just tip it. It was one of those 60’s things with a vinyl top surface, wooden surround and four legs that justted out at an angle. The legs had broken a long time ago and got lost, and the top part wound up occupying a corner in the garden shed for a good while!

After evicting a dozen or so daddy-long-legs and ceaning it up, I gave the wood bits a light sanding, then applied varnish to seal it. I left the original plastic/vinyl top surface since it was in good nick and part of the character of the item. Then I looked for a place to mount the table top as a shelf – and the spot that appealed to me was above the bathroom entrance. I placed it in the corner, to give it stability.

I made three small brackets from bits of thin steel plate I had lying in my parts & materials bin – which basically entailed cutting them from the metal with tin-snips (like metal scissors) and bending them to the required shape. I then drilled them for mounting holes and attached them to the table near each of the three corners that would come into contact with a wall surface. Using a marker (pen or nail) I marked the position of the mounting screws – and chose to place them in the groove/space between the tiles. This makes drilling easier without risk of breaking a tile – and also makes removing the shelf later easier, because then instead of filling holes in tiles with white or gray filler, you could just fill the holes in the grouting with more grout!

The result as you can see, adds character to an otherwise boring tiled wall – not to mention space to store clean towels, a giant rubber duck and even spare packs of toilet rolls!

I hope this has given you some inspiration you can use in your own bathroom! 🙂

Pictures below – enjoy! 🙂


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