Most homes don’t come with convenient clothes or jewelry or sundry hooks about the place, do they? Well, neither did ours – so I put my thinking cap on and came up with this easy to make sundry rack that you can hang anything from coats to jewelry on!

It’s really simple – a length of plank, I used a piece of off-cut pine as a base. Then I took a couple of off-cuts of 2×2 pine and trimmed the corners off to make a rounded cylindrical shape, which I sanded to make smooth, but I left it a little uneven so it would look rustic. I used a large drill bit to make the mounting holes in the base plank, and then glued them in with some wood glue, and screwed them down from the back of the plank.

Once this was done, my other half Kay painted the whole thing to look like dark stained wood! She used ordinary acrylic paint, after which I sprayed it with clear lacquer to seal it. The rack is mounted against the wall using two screws and wall plugs. With Kay’s hook mounted on her side of the bedroom, I went on to make one for myself as well.

I went a different route this time, and used a premade double towel hook on a wooden plank base. Because I needed more hook space, I added an antique brass hook I had spare over that one, which allows me to hang some of stuff there, freeing up space on the dresser. It’s also handy to hang a jersey for those chilly evenings.

Another place that often needs more hanging space is the bathroom. In our case, I needed space to hang our hairbrushes – I’m a bit of a neat-freak (Kay calls it OCD, but I prefer CDO) – there’s nothing that annoys me more than having to search for my hairbrush! I mean, how many places could a hairbrush hide in a bathroom the size of a matchbox anyway? You’d be surprised!

Sometimes the simplest, easiest solutions are best, as in this case! I screwed two brass hooks into the bottom of the mirror frame – one for her brush, and one for mine – right there where we need them!

And there you are – easy attractive coat/jewelry/sundry rack and brush hooks!

Pictures included – enjoy!


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