If you find yourself in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, you’re in the area catered to by the Weekend Post – a weekly newspaper which distributes to the entire region. You may be wondering why I’m bringing this up on a DIY blog, so I’ll get right to the point and tell you!

As of the 22nd of November 2020, the Weekend Post has been reproducing my DIY articles in their “Weekend Life” section! Isn’t that great? I think it’s really something!

The folks at Weekend Post have given me my own column, entitled “DIY on a Dime”! I feel tremendously honored, and I’m also going to take the opportunity to thank Angel Daniels at the Weekend Post for her kind efforts in this regard!

There have been three articles in “DIY on a Dime” already, and you can look for the next one in “Weekend Life” in the Weekend Post next Saturday!

What was my original inspiration for starting this blog/website? Well, I’ve always enjoyed being creative and done a lot of things myself – around the house, in computers, as well as on cars and so on. After many years of doing these things, I finally decided to take the plunge and create a DIY blog to share my projects with everyone looking for inspiration or ideas to help them make their own creative projects!

Meanwhile, on the website, on Thursday, I just posted the 32nd DIY article, and FYI, there are still lot more on the way! 🙂

Have a great DIY week!


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