Here’s a surprisingly easy and quick solution to the question “Where the heck can I hang my rings and bracelets?”

I made this miniature tree jewelry stand from a suitable-looking piece of tree branch. I noticed it while I was doing a spot of gardening one day, and while breaking up some branches cut from a tree growing over to our side of the wall, it reminded me a lot of a full-size tree, and that’s what started the whole thing!

Making it was quite simple and easy. I trimmed off the excess branches and then mounted it on disc shaped platform cut a larger piece of branch to make a stand.

I did this by drilling a hole through the center of the disc and attaching the base of the branch to it with a screw, which passes through the hole.

The whole thing was then cleaned and stripped of any loose bits of bark etc, and then my other half Wendy painted it with ordinary acrylic brown paint. The base was painted green to simulate grass growing around the base of the tree. I sprayed the whole object with clear lacquer to seal it.

And voila! One jewelry stand, ready to go! This one lives on our dresser, as you can see.

Pictures included below!

Have a DIY day!


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