Toilet rolls! It seems people never think about these things – at least, until they need them and don’t have any handy! Faced with a choice between yelling for someone to bring them an emergency roll – or waddling off in an undignified fashion to fetch one themselves, I would like to offer a simple alternative!

In this article I’ll show you a simple, useful item that will hold a fair amount of toilet rolls that you can place right beside your john, loo, bog or wazzer.

Making this stand really depends on three things: 1) how much material you have to work with, 2) how many rolls you’d like it to hold and 3) how much space you have to keep it once its made and full.

In answering these challenges and determining the final size and capacity of your bog roll holder, you need to keep a few full rolls handy to measure! Some packs come with 9 rolls – do you want your stand to hold all of them? If so, how do you want the rolls stacked – in twos, or threes? If in threes, you’d need to measure the three uprights to be able to hold three rolls each; if in twos, you’d need to make two uprights able to hold five rolls each – or at least four. That’s up to you of course – but the object of this article is to show you what I did.

I opted to make a stand with two uprights that could hold six up to eight rolls. I used broomstick handle rounds for the uprights, and once cut to the desired length, I fitted them to a thick wooden base made from an offcut piece of floor joist to give it a nice weighty feel. I secured the shafts into sockets I drilled into the top of the base, and screwed them down from underneath. A nice coat of varnish gave it a beautiful wooden finish. It now keeps our spare rolls handy right beside the great white throne!

And there you are – it really is that simple!

Given just what a shitty year 2020 has been, perhaps it’s fitting that we ended it off with this article! Let’s hope that 2021 will either be better – or at least deliver the long awaited zombie apocalypse many have been hoping for! 😉

Have a DIY day!

Pictures included – enjoy!


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