This is an antique wooden box I bought for about R50 at a bootsale about six years ago. I have no idea what it was originally used for, but we use it to keep our games in – chess, Uno, cards, poker set, etc.

The lining had gone when I got it, so when I got around to sprucing it up, I stripped out what was left – torn and tattered bits of blue felt – and set about to reline it.

I bought a few squares of maroon felt sheet from a nearby art supply store, and cut it to shape while I test-fitted it. I glued the felt down with plain old Bostik glue. Remember to spread the glue evenly to the edges to prevent lifting. Leave to dry for about 30 mnutes.

When done, I put all our gaming kit back! What a difference, right?

Pictures included – enjoy!


Have a DIY day!

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