In this episode, I’ll tell you how I made a set of funky unique coasters for use around the home – and it’s so simple you can do it too!

All you need for this project is a few squares of chipboard (or wood), some felt sheeting, a tube of glue and some paint! You can cut the squares yourself too.

You can paint whatever you like on yours – I drew some designs on these and my wife Kay painted them with acrylic art paint and surrounded them with what she calls “twirly whirlies” and then I gave the sides and tops four or five coats of clear lacquer spray paint to protect them from wear and use. Allow to dry between coats. I also used clear lacquer with a metallic content to give it a little sparkle! It’s important to give it as much clear protection as possible – the last thing you want to happen is for them to be damaged when your mug or glass gets momentarily stuck to the surface, as does happen from time to time!

Once dry, I applied felt sheeting to the bottom to round them off, using a tube of bostik glue. Make sure you glue right up to the edges and corners, wipe off any excess that squishes out when you compress the felt. Leave to dry for 30 min, and you’re done!

Pictures included – enjoy!

Have a DIY day!


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