In this episode I’ll show you the wooden entrance portico I made – and hopefully inspire you to make your own too!

For many years, our front entrance has looked rather bare – functional, but bare and exposed, and so one day I sat and thought about improving it – for aesthetic purposes alone.

After doing some research and figuring out more or less what sort of covering I wanted to make for the front entrance, I decided on a simple wooden design based on a compilation of numerous different types I found on Pintrest, adapted to suit our particular entrance. I also gave it a Victorian styling to suit our home which is from that era.

The design is essentially two box-frames mounted on top of each other, which gives it a composite strength. Both are mounted to the wall on one surface as well, and the lower frame has two struts which also mount to the wall and give it extra stability.

I chose to make this item from wooden ceiling beams because of their thickness, strength and durability. Once I’d settled on a plan and figured out the measurements, I cut the different pieces to size. It was only after this that I addressed the matter of cut-outs and shaping to give the portico its Victorian character. Once this too was complete and symmetrical, I set about smoothing all the surfaces with a belt sander.

I assembled both box-frames using self-tapping wood screws and steel brackets to provide extra rigidity. Once I was satisfied that everything fitted together (and to the wall in its intended position) I began treating the wood with wood preserving undercoat. At first I decided to paint the portico in the same brown acrylic PVA paint as the front of the house, but then later I changed my mind and painted it again in white enamel. I did this because enamel paint is better at keeping water out – and I’d like this thing to last as long as possible! I gave it two coats of white paint, with a day to dry between coats.

I also treated the edges of the wood that would mount to the wall by applying self-adhesive roof-sealing “tar-tape” to those edges to help keep the water out.

It took me most of a morning to fit the portico in place, starting with the underframe, then the upper frame, and then the roof sheets. Once the frame was up – bolted down firmly with rawl bolts, I installed the roof sheets, which were three smaller sections cut from a single corrugated UV-resistant white PVC roof sheet.

As you can see in the photos, it looks rather nice, but I admit I still need to give the whole thing at least another coat of white enamel paint! I’ll get around to that on a nice sunny day when I’ve the time to do it!

I’m very happy with the way it’s turned out – and due to it’s strength, it handles gusty windy weather without any sign of movement.

Pictures included – enjoy!

Have a DIY week!


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