In the event you’re feeling creative and romantic, or perhaps you have a lot of power issues in your area (as we do), here is a simple idea for making wall-mounted candle sconces from existing steel floor-standing candelabra!
I started with two of these:

I bought them both in 2000, thinking they would look nice in my bedroom, which they did. For the next two decades or so, they gathered dust and the most use they got was as a convenient place to hang my jewelry on! They were a bit unstable on the floor to use as actual candle holders on account of having cats that might knock them over and starting fires!

Over the past weekend, we experienced another unplanned 37 hour power outage. The power went off at 7pm on the Friday evening, and only came back on again at 8am on Sunday. By 9am Saturday morning, our UPS ran out of power, and aside from having a gas stove and some LED lamps for lighting for that next night, we used loose candlesticks. This too is unsafe, because they could fall over or get knocked over – particularly since we have three very playful and active kitties, and so I decided to make something useful out of these two candelabra – sconces to mount on our lounge wall, and in the hallway!

This was relatively simple to achieve – the tops both detached from the bottom stands by means of the screw-joint in the center. All I had to do was unscrew the two to separate them. I decided to keep the top ends that were the candelabra as-is, and to simply bend the stem around behind the candelabra, to make the part that would mount against the wall.

I welded two small steel brackets on the outer side of the stem, parallel to each other, and then resprayed the whole thing with black gloss paint.

Once both were done, I marked, drilled and mounted the sconces with rawl bolts and tightened until firm! All I had to do after that, was to stick on some candles in preparation for the next power outage! Easy-peasy!

In another episode, I’ll show you what I did with the bottom ends of the stands!

Pictures included – enjoy!

Have a DIY week!


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